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It's really nice to meet you !I am honored that you are here taking a peek around to learn more about what L3 Coaching is all about!More about Coach Shelley, I am first a a follower of Christ, a wife to my husband Ken for 17 yrs and a mom to my two girls Charley & Kaelynn (9 & 13 yrs old) . I spent the first 12 yrs after high school in the beauty industry, working behind the chair as a stylist running my own business. In 2005 I had a accident and broke my hand which in turn I thought ended my career. Having an entrepreneurial heart I went into Real Estate searching for a way to make career income and reclaim my independence. I found myself unhappy doing something that was not fulfilling my passion. I went back to the salon business a year later & found myself rebuilding an entire clientele. I was in a place of "this is just what I know". In the meantime my husband and I were well into the home flipping world while the Real Estate market was HOT. In 2008 we had close to $4 million in Real Estate between our investment properties and personal home. Ken working in the printing and marketing business was heavily reliant upon mortgage companies and banks. When a large bank closed due to the down turn of the economy his company lost 60% of their business over night! This was devastating for us bc so much of his income was going towards paying for our properties. We in turn had to let them ALL GO! I mean ALL and even the home we lived in. (heartbreaking) This went on for over a year. Racking up massive debt to pay bills, leading to serious financial stress and strain on our marriage. We were at one point undecided whether we would even stay married. (again heartbreaking)  Financial stress is so hard on couples and families. I have experienced this, it was not easy.In the meantime I had a client that was sharing about a opportunity to earn extra income in the world of network marketing. This was not completely new to use as we had dabbled in the past. However they had a system that promised growth and success. We quickly learned the system, about the products and hit the ground running. When the opportunity presents itself, and you are in a position where you are looking for change or in this case a life jacket, .... You jump on it!With in 9 months of dedication we were able to replace Kens income and start paying off our debt. This was the biggest blessing.I know that industry is not for everyone, but when you are desperate you will do whatever it takes to develop new skills to make it work! This we did!We hit the top 1% of the company in 5 yrs! Some say lucky, others understand what LUCK is really and this is Labor Under Correct Knowledge. With the right tools and mentoring by others who have come before you, being willing to develop the skill that they are willing to share, you can do anything.Over the years, I learned that I have a passion for creating trainings, teaching people from experience and developing leaders. We received the Million dollar achievement award in 2019, this means we sold 1 Million Dollars in sales personally in 11yrs!This achievement is all because we followed our passion for health and fitness and turned that into a scalable business with other amazing team members who are also out there creating thriving businesses that support their families.I have enjoyed learning how to lead others, as well as how to create duplicatable systems to help teams grow.I am so thankful to be able to spread my knowledge and experience with others and then watching people succeed.I am obsessed with being the best version of myself that I can be!  I love my work and I am excited about the current opportunities and future ones to come.When I’m not working on my business you can find me hanging with my family. We love watching our girls play sports and being active.  We love eating out and trying new cocktails. We love traveling or being at home snuggled up on the couch watching a movie.  Family is my EVERYTHING!!!  I strive to not just be an excellent life and business coach, but an amazing mom and wife with the time freedom to be the one who decides where I get to spend my time.Make sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on all my newest launches, products and events! Now.... How can I best serve you?  We can work together in a few different ways.  If you are seeking leadership and or mentoring in your personal life I am a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach and would love the opportunity to show you how to focus forward on your career, family, finances or any goals you may have. I have upcoming mastermind groups and will be offering 1 on 1 Life Coaching sessions again, in the later part of 2022. I believe in starting your journey with understanding who you are and why you operate the way you do. As well as understanding the strengths that you have and how you can use them to your advantage.​This life is your journey, what do you want to do with it!?Connect with me right away to get started with your next step! 

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